Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zabludowicz Collection - Sarvisalo, Finland

Thanks to this postcard, I now have another arts-related place I'm dying to visit. And it's not really a gallery or a museum...

So what is this place? Maybe I should start off with the story of the postcard. As I was cleaning out my room today (thank God there are no before/after pictures is all I'm saying ;) I came across this lovely postcard from my friend (and future architect!) Risa, who lives in London. I remembered how much I liked the image despite the fact that I didn't really know much about it. Risa said that she got the postcard from a really cool gallery in London that used to be a church. After a bit of investigating I found out that the gallery was the Zabludowicz Collection's London project space (it looks amazing by the way!).

But what really caught my eye was the fact that the Zabludowicz Collection also runs an international residency programme on the Finnish Sarvisalo island (check out the video as well). Artists work in three different locations on the island - Herman's, Carpenter's and Suvikunta. The names of these locations are actually used as reminders of the previous owners and histories of these three places.

I'd love to visit Sarvisalo - the different projects appeal to me just as much as the beautiful Finnish nature. I especially liked a project where a traditional Finnish summer cottage was given a candy-coloured faux stone cladding.

There's a catch, though - Sarvisalo is only open one day a year! Maybe I should start booking flights soon... :)

Photos of Sarvisalo from the Zabludowicz Collection


  1. This postcard is just gorgeous. I want to go now, too! :)