Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Betty & Me In Paris

Today's post is totally French-inspired. And no, I'm not in Paris at the moment (I wish I was, though!) - but I did feel a bit like a Parisian after my visit to Paul today. I always wonder if Paul truly is a Maison de Qualité Fondée en 1889 or if it's just a huge Czech patisserie chain & a clever marketing ploy. Seriously, does anyone else have Paul in their country? OK, I guess it doesn't matter because their stuff is pretty good (apart from the macaroons... I guess one really needs to go to Paris to get the real thing). Today I treated myself to a raisin snail and it was trop bien (today is also National Cheesy Post Day, didn't you know?). I'm such a sugarholic. Like I need something sweet after every meal. :(

Anyway! I thought I could combine my French-pastry-eating endeavours with a lovely French-themed video (which also features food!). I came across 'Betty in Paris' last week and immediately fell in love. If you love Paris, Amélie, macaroons and/or are a bit of a dreamer, you'll adore this video. It reminded me of my own visit to Paris in 2011 - as cliché as it may sound, it really was one of the best holidays ever. It's actually funny that I'm saying this because I was always one of those 'hmm, Paris... it's a bit overrated, isn't it?' people. Turns out I had to visit it twice in order to fall in love. And yeah, when I was in Paris 2 years ago, I really did feel like Betty (National CPD all over again...). 

'Betty in Paris' is part of the Olive Us series - the latter is made by Ben and Gabrielle Blair and features their six(!!!) kids. The Blair family is American and they've been living in Normandy for over a year. You can check out Gabrielle's blog, Design Mom, here

Betty In Paris from Olive Us on Vimeo.

Video via Prêt à Voyager

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New World

Today I visited two palaces in the National Gallery (free this weekend :) and afterwards I decided to go for a walk in 'Nový Svět' ('New World' in English). Nový Svět is an area close to the Prague Castle - it's composed of narrow streets and picturesque houses. I'm such a sucker for old street lamps, cobblestones and cozy little houses, so I adore Nový Svět. I'm really proud of the photos I took as well - not because they are exceptional - my Photoshop skills are still non-existent - but because I managed to pry myself away from my phone & Instagram and actually took the above photos with my *gasp* CAMERA. I still love you, my dear IXUS...

I love how the streets were super empty and the street lamps were just being switched on. Really magical. Next week, I want to go back and actually visit the café you can see in the last picture. It's got a fireplace as well!