Monday, November 5, 2012

George Harrison: Living in the Material World

I've never really been a huge Beatles fan. Sure, I like some of their songs, but I just never really got the whole Beatles craze. I was always more of a Bowie girl (and I still am :). I actually used to think the Beatles were a bit overrated (I know, I know: blasphemy!). And then on Saturday, after going to see the 'George Harrison: Living in the Material World' documentary, I saw the light. Seriously, if you still haven't seen this film, DO SO NOW. I guarantee you will love it, even if you're not a full-fledged Beatles fan. It's both funny and heartbreaking - at the end of the film there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It's not only a documentary about a musical phenomenon, but also about a man's journey to find the meaning of life. I love it.

Btw... the film is 208 minutes long. You heard right. That's 3 hours and a half. But it's so worth it!

Top photo from The Fire Wire

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