Friday, November 2, 2012

Interview with Maiju from 'my 2nd hand life'

TGIF! I'm really excited about today's post and I hope you will be too! On Wednesday I dropped a hint that I would be posting about something exciting soon and, well, it seems that 'soon' is today (I'm pretty impatient, if you haven't noticed yet ;). Soooo... a few days ago I asked the lovely Maiju from my 2nd hand life if I could do an email interview with her and she said yes! She was super nice about it too. :) For those who don't know Maiju's blog, it mainly centres on interior design - Maiju often blogs about her own home as well as things that inspire her. You really have to check her blog out, it's filled with beautiful photographs (Maiju's house is just amazing!) and witty posts. It really is one of my favourites! I wanted to interview Maiju as I was curious to find out about the story behind her blog.

Tell us a bit about how your blogging journey began. When did you start your blog and what inspired you to do so?
I started blogging in 2007 on my maternity leave. In Finland the maternity leave is 10 months, so I needed a nice hobby that I could do at home. I have always been interested in interior decorating, but when I at the time discovered interior blogs, I really became fascinated with the field and wanted to start my own blog too. My 2nd hand life blog I have had for two years now.

What do you like the most about blogging? Has blogging changed your life in any significant way?
Yes, it has definitely changed my life in a positive sense. I'm a creative person and blogging is a great way to express yourself and your ideas I think. And to get inspiration from other bloggers. Also the feedback from the readers has been amazing and really made me more confident about my visions and skills! And that's priceless, I think!

Apart from blogging, what do you fill your days with?
I'm a mum for a 5 year old boy and soon for a little girl too, if everything goes like expected. I'm also a public servant on the public sector on daytime - a job that isn't that creative all the time, but needs constant rethinking and new ideas too. I think that these two sides (being a blogger and having an administrative dayjob) go well together :)

You have a great eye for interior design, where do you draw your inspiration from? Has your 'interior style' changed at all in the past few years? What 'motifs' do you love using in your place?
Thank you, I read lot of blogs from everywhere - mostly from Europe though. I love the Danish style of interior decoration - black and white, contrasts, vintage items, playful details mixed with good design. A bit bohemian look I guess. To live in an older home with wooden floors, old windows and doors, several fireplaces and so on is something that I enjoy and appreciate everyday! I think my style has changed from more ruff industrial vintage to more clearer style with more modern design during the recent years.

What's your favourite thing about living in Finland?
Four seasons absolutely, all though having a long and dark winter feels many times a bit tuff...

Finland has so many amazing designers, who is your favourite?
This is a difficult question, I really can't pick one. But I think that for example Marimekko has a nice brand and products.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully happy with my family of four persons! I would also like to develop my blog and blogging to a stage, where I could earn some of my income from there. Just to have more freedom in life and do the things I love!

Thank you so much, Maiju! You rock :)
Photos of Maiju's house courtesy of my 2nd hand life


  1. Great interview. I love all the photos and the silver skull in the last shot. xx

    1. I love her house too & the skull details are so cool! xx

  2. A great interview. I love that giant S