Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest Post: Dutch Design Gift Guide

I'm baaaaack. I feel like I have been saying this way too many times lately (way too much for my liking anyway). Anyway, back to something more exciting: today's post is by one of my favourite people ever, Joke! I asked her whether she'd be up for compiling a Dutch design gift guide a while back (as you can see from her tumblr, she's got a great eye for design) and she came up with some really cool stuff! I know this gift guide is a bit late, but that's totally MY fault - Joke sent it to me some time ago. Also, I'm pretty sure some last-minute Christmas shoppers (or am I the only one? ;) will appreciate these rad ideas. 

Hi Third Culture Cool fans! Martina asked me to come up with some nice gift ideas. So here is some Dutch design inspiration!

1.       For anyone who is forced to take their shot of caffeine from the office coffee machine; Rob Brandt’s crushed cups at least make it look good.

2.       For the bird lover who wants to give her garden visitors a three star dining experience; Marcel Wanders Birdhouse.

3.       For your friend who just loves a good leather bag; My Paper Bag by Ramon Middelkoop.

4.       To brighten up your kitchen; Tejo Remy’s famous Milk Bottle Lamp (single).

5.       For the IKEA-lovers out there. A Dutch-Swedish collaboration; PS Jonsberg designed by Hella Jongerius.

6.       This lamp which will put a smile on everyone’s face; Miffy!

7.       Interesting (and expensive…) World Skin Colors Scarves for your friends from all over the world by Reineke Otten.

Thank you SO much, Joke! What's your favourite item? I just love the Miffy lamp - I will definitely have to buy it one day. :) The crushed cups are pretty amazing as well.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


  1. Wonderful! I love the Miffy light, it would look so cute in my little girls bedroom :)

    1. I think it would look good in any room, hehe :D x

  2. My favorite item is the hanging milk bottle! What a cool little addition this would make to any kitschy apartment :D

    Cool stuff, girls!