Sunday, February 3, 2013

New World

Today I visited two palaces in the National Gallery (free this weekend :) and afterwards I decided to go for a walk in 'Nový Svět' ('New World' in English). Nový Svět is an area close to the Prague Castle - it's composed of narrow streets and picturesque houses. I'm such a sucker for old street lamps, cobblestones and cozy little houses, so I adore Nový Svět. I'm really proud of the photos I took as well - not because they are exceptional - my Photoshop skills are still non-existent - but because I managed to pry myself away from my phone & Instagram and actually took the above photos with my *gasp* CAMERA. I still love you, my dear IXUS...

I love how the streets were super empty and the street lamps were just being switched on. Really magical. Next week, I want to go back and actually visit the café you can see in the last picture. It's got a fireplace as well! 


  1. This are amazing! That is such a nice part of town and you captured it at a great hour. Do you think shooting in "dramatic lighting" conditions like this is more or less challenging than just shooting in something like day time?

    1. So glad you liked them!! I was really surprised by how they turned out, usually I can't shoot in such lighting to save myself. :D So you've been to this part of Prague, right? Isn't it so pretty? x

  2. Mr Goodwins Red SweaterFebruary 5, 2013 at 11:14 PM

    I'd like to share a scotch with you at that fireplace dear Martina!